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We understand that making your home secure is a priority. Our aim is  to provide you with the appropriate measures to help you feel safe and secure in your home environment. We know that the journey following any kind of domestic abuse is a long one, Our installers will work with you and explain the  options that are right for your individual home.

What happens when we get a referral?

Your Local Authority, Housing Association or other authorised referring agency will have your permission to pass your details onto us. One of our friendly office team will call you at our earliest opportunity to arrange an appointment time with you for one of our specialist security installers to visit you at home.

Our friendly installers cover most of England and Wales and every referral we recieve is treated with the highest level of confidentiality

Booking your appointment with us.

Our bookings team will give you a call on the number we have been given, we will double check your name, address and contact details, you can ask your referring agency to give us a password to use as an additional security measure if you wish. 
If you are a tenant, we will need your landlords permission to carry out any work. 

If we don't already have your landlords permission, this we will do this on your behalf, we do not share any details of the reason we are doing the work if you don't want us to. We simply say we are a charity offering free of charge additional security to the property. 

If you call us, we will ask what area of the UK you live in, Safe Partnership installers work all over England and Wales so for us to locate your details its helpful for us to know the town and county you live in.

When will we be there?

We will offer you an appointment between 9am and 12 noon or 12 noon to 4pm Monday to Friday. 

Our experienced scheduling team, work diligently to ensure we plan routes that are the most time effective, so please let us know if we need to consider appointments or school runs. 

work with local authorities to create a safer enviroment. Give you confidence. Professiona

If your door has a letterbox, we may recommend a guard fitted to the rear of the door which will prevent someone reaching in with a stick and a hook to fish for any nearby items such as a handbag or keys – which should never be kept near exterior doors. We may secure cat flaps and dog flaps too.

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We almost always fit window alert alarms, these are little sticky slim alarms that stick to your windows, turn them on when you are home and they will alert you if there is a disturbance to your windows. 

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Spy holes and security chains may be recommended so that anyone visiting can be identified before you open the door. 

We may secure outside access points with a hasp and staple padlock. 

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Door bars, such as a London Bar or Birmingham Bar greatly reinforce the doorframe and provide excellent protection against anyone trying to force a door open or kicking it down, these are only suitable for older, wooden door frames. 

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Always remember to use all locks that you have , check to make sure that the mortice lock is double-locked every time you leave your home. 

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