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work with local authorities to create a safer enviroment. Give you confidence. Professiona


Safe Partnership is a national charity that has worked in partnership with local authorities in over 60 locations throughout the UK since 1987.

Our objective is to give victims and survivors of abuse confidence, and feeling of being safe and secure in their home environment. Keeping people and their families in their own homes alleviates the disruption of relocating and allows them to retain the support of professional services, their family and the community when they are at their most vulnerable. It also offers a significant saving to the Local Authority, and creates less pressure on the housing teams.

As well as local authorities we work with a number of housing associations who use our service as we are a specialist independent provider with a fully trained workforce who are professional and yet can work effectively with our vulnerable client base. Our teams have been trained to pick up on additional safeguarding issues as many clients have not been visited at home.

Safe Partnership works with over 60 Local Authorities,
Housing Associations and Charities. 

Safe Partnership’s aim is to make homes safe following violence and abuse.

If victims and survivors feel confident in their environment, they and their families are more likely to remain in their own homes. This alleviates disruption to the client, and cost to professionals. By staying at home victims and survivors can then access the support of professional services, their family and the community when they are at their most vulnerable.


Our professional Security Installers are not only employed for their carpentry and locksmith skills, they also receive regular training on issues of personal safety, safeguarding and demonstrate empathy with our vulnerable client base.


Our service is designed as a 'one stop shop'. This ensures minimal disruption and delay for clients, and highly cost effective for our stakeholders and the environment.

By surveying, assessing and completing the security measures at the same appointment we hope to give clients a sense of comfort and confidence that their safety is a priority. Our Security installers will also offer personal safety advice we aim to reassure people when they are often feeling traumatised.


We will offer an appointment between

9-12 or 12-4pm 

We will confirm the appointment by email and text the client the day before to remind them. 

survey and advice

Our experienced and fully trained security installers will talk to the client about their personal safety and the security of their home. We try to help people recognise good habits with their personal safety, so they feel secure in their home environment.


The security installers will carry out any necessary works then and there, and show the client how to use the security upgrades correctly in order to maximise the safety of their home

Download the guide for new referrers 

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