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New product from the Safe Partnership

Safe Partnership are always looking to improve our product range to ensure that we are supplying the best quality and most relevant additions to clients homes.

The Safe Swiftlock is a self-adhesive internal door lock, designed to secure entry points to properties or specific rooms.

The Safe Swiftlock prevents any lever handle from being pushed downward, effectively securing the door and preventing it from being opened.

During everyday use you should be able to move the Jammer (within its Sliding Holster) upwards within the Ratchet, so it sits flush below the door handle lever.

To remove the lock, press the release button and slide the lock down. Removing and holstering the lock piece if desired. Because it is self adhesive, the lock is ideal for temporary accommodation, or UPVC doors that can’t be drilled.

For information on how to add this item to the range offered to your clients please call Joanna on 01929551100 or email

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Safe Partnership continually seeks to improve its product range to provide top-quality and relevant additions to clients' homes. The Safe Swiftlock, recommended by locksmiths, is a self-adhesive internal door lock that secures entry points or specific rooms. It prevents lever handles from being pushed down, keeping doors closed. Ideal for temporary accommodation, it can be easily removed and is perfect for UPVC doors that can't be drilled

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