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1000 homes secured since April for families across the UK

Safe Partnership provides families around England and Wales security upgrades for thier homes following a referal from their local authority or housing association. They have just completed their 1000th visit since April, a 12% growth in demand since the same time period in 2022/23. When our Security installers visit clients, they undertstand that they have been subject to various challenges and may be traumatised. They are trained to survey the property, and give personal safety advice as well as making changes to the locks, letterboxes and windows to ensure that people feel more confident in their homes. Sarah Southern, Chief at the Safe Partership says ' The growth in the number of homes we are attending is positive as it shows that more people are taking control of thier home and letting perpitrators know that they arent welcome in their space. Its very important that we provide that initial comfort blanket, and positive experience, to enable victims and survivors some control over their home environment.'

If you are a local authority, housing association or charity looking for a partner to manage and complete Target hardning, safe rooms or sanctuary schemes then please contact us.

1000 families helped by the safe partnership since April


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